Dynarm is an organisation that excels in providing end-to-end structural protection services to enhance the durability of large and medium-scale construction projects. We have gained the loyalty and confidence of well-known clients through the distinguished reputation and work profile we have built up over the years.


The name ‘DYNARM’ coined out of the words ‘Dynamic’ and ‘Arm’ translates to deeply rooted and stable mindset, goals, work ethics and culture (symbolised by the colour grey), with strong vibrancy, youthfulness, energy and progression (symbolised by the colour yellow). At Dynarm, we believe in providing exemplary service by building and maintaining client relationships professionally. We consider our clients our partners in progress and look towards hand-in-hand growth.

We provide our clients with internationally acclaimed, quality-oriented brands of products to protect various structures and substrates. We believe in the application of thoughts and not just products. We focus on the implementation of systems and methodologies that are simple, modern, technologically advanced and cost-effective, keeping in mind the demands of the industry in tomorrow’s world.


To be a progressive entity providing end-to-end solutions in structural protection of large and medium-scale construction projects, thus enhancing their durability and life.


We constantly seek to build and establish professional business relationships by planting seeds of positivity and nurturing them into fruition, keeping in mind the mutual benefit of the provider and the receiver.


We use the best of all resources

We will complete what we start

We demonstrate utmost work-ethics

We facilitate our clients to perform quality checks

We will be with the client at every step of the engagement

We work tirelessly to ensure that we deliver what we promise

We are always driven by a dream to provide the best

We are approachable to everyone in the value chain


How does Dynarm work?

The Dynarm team consists of engineers and supervisors who have worked on various challenging residential and commercial projects with prestigious clients. We understand and believe that every project is unique and hence specifications are customized after a thorough analysis of the site and structure to suit individual requirements. Dynarm does not believe in selling products and services that are only superficially present and deteriorate over time. Our treatments have stood the test of time and environmental ravages as we ensure strict adherence to the technical specification and material consumption, thereby, ensuring client satisfaction.